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As the European Union introduces a new migration and asylum plan after a blaze at an overcrowded camp in Greece left thousands without shelter, a FILE – Venezuelan migrants on their way to Peru sleep along the Pan-American Highway between Tulcan and Ibarra in Ecuador, after entering the country from Colombia, Aug. 22, 2018.”Many of the countries leading the global downturn have been on the receiving end of the mass exodus of Venezuelans fleeing the humanitarian crisis in their country,” the report shows. Biggest shiftThe most significant change came from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, which have absorbed millions of Venezuelans since 2015. “Initially, many of the migrants and refugees were welcomed in these countries, but public sentiment started to turn against them as their economies, and their health, education and social assistance programs buckled under the strain,” according to the report.FILE – Volunteers carry donated items towards a group of undocumented migrants looking for work as day laborers alongside a hardware store in San Diego, California, Feb. 4, 2017.Ray added that despite the Trump administration’s efforts to curb immigration, the U.S., which ranked sixth overall in the index, has generally positive attitudes toward newcomers. “Despite the fact that immigration is such a hot topic in the U.S., Americans are mostly very accepting of migrants,” she said. Experts note that, around the world, greater acceptance is often displayed by younger generations and people with advanced levels of education. 

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Київ залишатиметься у «помаранчевій» карантинній зоні до березня. Про це заявив РБК-Україна глава Головного управління Держспоживслужби у Києві Олег Рубан

«Сьогодні спостерігається стабілізація ситуації, тому що закінчується період відпусток, і ті, хто був інфікований з 1 вересня, – вони вже пройшли інкубаційний період», – зазначив Рубан.

Він наголосив, що наступного тижня очікується збільшення кількості хворих.

«На наступному тижні ми очікуємо збільшення захворюваності, пов’язане з тим, що студенти повернулися до навчання, тому місто Київ буде перебувати у «помаранчевій» зоні до березня за найбільш оптимістичними прогнозами», – зазначив чиновник.


Кількість хворих на коронавірус у Києві минулої доби перевищила 20 тисяч. 

Станом на ранок 23 вересня, від початку пандемії коронавірус вразив 184 734 українців, 3 705 людини померли, одужали – 81 670.

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Britain became the latest European country to impose restrictions on socializing Wednesday following a sharp rise in coronavirus transmission rates. The number of new cases is roughly doubling every week – and the Chief Medical Officer has warned of 50,000 new infections daily if the pattern continues. Britain has suffered the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe, with over 41,000 fatalities. Henry Ridgwell reports from London.

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Belgium’s prime minister announced Wednesday she was lifting the nation’s mandatory outdoor mask requirement and easing other COVID-19-related restrictions, despite recent surges in new virus cases in the nation. At a news conference Wednesday, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes told reporters that beginning October 1, Belgians no longer will be required to wear a mask outdoors, except in crowded places where social distancing cannot be practiced. Wilmes said wearing a mask has become part of people’s daily lives and remains a very important part of fighting the spread of COVID-19.Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes, wearing a protective mask, prepares to address a press conference, in Brussels, Sept. 23, 2020.But, she said, “We have to acknowledge that it is useless to impose it everywhere, every time.”  Belgium’s mask requirement had been among the strictest in the world.  Masks will still have to be worn in shops and theaters, and on public transit and crowded streets. The prime minister also announced that people who have had contact with an infected person would only have to quarantine for seven days, down from 14.  She said under those circumstances, people must still get tested immediately.  “If the test is positive, then you have COVID-19. Isolation continues,” she said. “If the test is negative, then as soon as your clinical situation allows it, you can stop isolating.” Public events can still be attended by 200 people indoors and 400 outside. Belgians will still be able to see up to five people without social distancing, although that could be cut to one, depending on the health situation. The easing of restrictions comes as other European nations such as Britain, France and Spain are seeing COVID-19 surges and are imposing new restrictions. Belgium, a country of about 11.5 million people, recorded an average of 1,374 new infections per day over the past week. In early July, there were about 80 a day. Its COVID-19 death total of 9,955 is one the world’s highest per capita. 

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У середу, 23 вересня, на Донбасі біля населеного пункту Піски не невідомому вибуховому пристрої підірвалися двоє українських військових. Про це повідомили у Оперативно-тактичному угрупованні «Схід».

Військові отримали осколкові поранення.

«Захисникам України надана домедична допомога, їх оперативно доправлено до лікувального закладу. Стан здоров’я воїнів середнього ступеня важкості», – мовиться у повідомленні.

Керівний склад військової частини та робоча група військової служби правопорядку з’ясовують обставини інциденту.


Із 00:01 27 липня на Донбасі набрала чинності чергова домовленість про «повне та всеосяжне припинення вогню». З того часу і до 6 вересня українські військові не повідомляли про поранених та вбитих внаслідок бойових дій. Тоді внаслідок обстрілів на Донбасі один військовий загинув, ще один був поранений.

Збройний конфлікт на Донбасі триває від 2014 року після російської окупації Криму. Україна і Захід звинувачують Росію у збройній підтримці бойовиків. Кремль відкидає ці звинувачення і заявляє, що на Донбасі можуть перебувати хіба що російські «добровольці».

За даними ООН, від квітня 2014-го до 31 липня 2020 року внаслідок збройного конфлікту на Донбасі загинули від 13 100 до 13 300 людей.

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Олександр Лукашенко офіційно вступив на посаду президента Білорусі. Як пройшла перша в історії Білорусі таємна інавгурація президента – дивіться у фотогалереї Білоруської редакції Радіо Свобода

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Paris police have blockaded the area around the Eiffel Tower after a phone-in bomb threat.
Police cars and tape surrounded the streets below the tower and the bridge stretching across the Seine River to Trocadero Plaza. Some tourists were still walking in the area, but it was unclear if any were still inside the tower on Wednesday.
Two police officers at the scene told The Associated Press that the operation was the result of a phone-in bomb threat. Eiffel Tower management did not respond to requests for comment.
The 131-year-old tower gets about 25,000 tourists daily in normal years, but visits are down this year because of coronavirus travel restrictions. While the Eiffel Tower is scheduled to be open every day, it occasionally closes because of suicide threats, bomb threats or labor strikes.

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President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus assumed his sixth term of office Wednesday during an inauguration ceremony that officials did not announce in advance after weeks of mass protests against the authoritarian leader’s reelection, which opposition activists maintain was rigged.  
State news agency Belta reported that the swearing-in ceremony took place in the capital of Minsk with several hundred top government officials, lawmakers, representatives of media organizations and other prominent figures present.
Lukashenko, 66, took an oath in Belarusian with his right hand on the country’s Constitution, and the head of the country’s central election commission handed him .the official ID card of the president of Belarus.  
“The day of assuming the post of the president is the day of our victory, convincing and fateful,” Lukashenko said at the ceremony. “We were not just electing the president of the country — we were defending our values, our peaceful life, sovereignty and independence.”  
Lukashenko has run Belarus, an ex-Soviet nation of 9.5 million, with an iron fist for 26 years. Official results of the country’s Aug. 9 presidential election had him winning 80% of the vote. His strongest opponent, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, got 10%.  
Tsikhanouskaya, who is in exile after being forced to leave Belarus, has not accepted the outcome of the election as valid. Neither have the thousands of her supporters who continued demanding Lukashenko’s resignation during more than six weeks of mass protests.  
The United States and the European Union have questioned the election and criticized the brutal police crackdown on peaceful protesters during the first few days of demonstrations.  
Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius called Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony “such a farce.”
“Forged elections. Forged inauguration. The former president of Belarus does not become less former. Quite the contrary. His illegitimacy is a fact with all the consequences that this entails,” Linkevicius said on Twitter.  
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, called the fact that the ceremony was prepared in secrecy “very telling.”  
“Even after this ceremony today, Mr. Lukashenko cannot claim democratic legitimization, which would be the condition to recognize him as the legitimate president of Belarus,” Seibert said Wednesday.
Protests demanding Lukashenko to step down have rocked the country daily since last month’s election, with the largest rallies in Minsk attracting up to 200,000 people.
During the first three days of the protests, police used truncheons and rubber bullets to disperse crowds. Several protesters died, and more than 7,000 were detained.
The time and location of the inauguration ceremony were not publicized in advance. Law enforcement officers blocked off central areas of Minsk on Wednesday morning and public transportation services were suspended.  
The Viasna human rights group said several protesters were detained near the Palace of Independence, where the ceremony took place, holding banners saying “The king has no clothes” and “The victory (will belong to) the people.”  
Alexander Klaskousky, an independent Minsk-based analyst, said the secrecy surrounding the president’s inauguration illustrated the threat the ongoing unrest poses to Lukashenko’s grip on power.  
“The secret inauguration illustrates the level of trust of the leader in the official results of the election and in the people. Those who officially got 80% of the votes don’t act like that,” Klaskousky said.
“Lukashenko received rebelling people as a gift from who he needs to hide during the inauguration, fearing mass protests,” he said.
Lukashenko has bristled at suggestions of dialogue with the opposition. Amid international outrage, Belarusian authorities switched to prosecuting top activists and mass detentions, avoiding large-scale violence.
Many members of the Coordination Council that was formed by the opposition to push for a transition of power have been arrested or forced to leave the country.
A prominent Coordination Council member, Pavel Latushko, compared the inauguration to a “gathering of thieves” and refused to recognize Lukashenko as the president of Belarus.  
For us, the citizens of Belarus, for the international community, he is a nobody. An unfortunate error of history and a disgrace of the civilized world,” Latushko said on the messaging app Telegram. “We will never agree with the falsification (of the election) and are demanding a new vote. We urge everyone to engage in indefinite civil disobedience!” 

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Дегенерата медведчука пригорає від справеделивої відповіді за брехню. На newsone чекає перевірка Нацради.

Неймовірний поворот! Нацрада перевірить помийку newsone дегенерата медведчука через те, що її ведучі брехали про мою справу та називали вбивством мій захист життя. Сама помийка це називає наступом на свободу слова, але на цьому відео я показую, як вони брехали та маніпулювали

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